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Writing an essay in high school and writing one in the latter life surely does have immense differences. High school essay basically focuses on English literature and grammar. But the essays we often require for the real world are a lot more than the representation of grammar and literature. So it becomes a hurdle for anyone to cope with real-world technical essays. So it’s very common for anyone to think- someone write my essay!’ The surprise is that it is now possible to get customized writings written by professional writers. All you need to do is pay money for your essay.

There are customizable services through which the writing can meet all your requirements. You can get a properly shaped essay with a good presentation. There are companies who note all your requirements and prepare the essay and then you have to pay for that. You also have the chance to get term papers, research papers etc. along with all the customizations required. They also check the grammatical errors and plagiarism with supporting tools. So, you can be assured of the quality. Even there are companies who provide sample articles on their websites. So you can check and decide. They use techniques so that the essay and unique and catches the attention of your instructor so that you get a good grade.

Genres of a real-world essay:

If you can provide the writer with detailed information about the requirements and format, professional writers can write any kind of essays such as argumentative, descriptive, compare/contrast, critical essays etc.

•    Argumentative essay is based on an argumentative approach where the writer takes a stand as well as gives supporting arguments to persuade the reader to agree with that stand. The writer needs to make sure that the arguments are logical.

•    Compare/contrast essay can be based on either similarity between two things or differences between them. The normal notion is that comparison indicates the similarities and on the other hand, contrast indicates differences.

•    The process essay is a type of essay which is used to describe the process of anything.

•    Cause and effect essay shows the relationship between two or more events or incidents. The cause of anything is described and the effects of subsequent causes are described with proper explanations.

For students who are newly introduced to these essays, it’s difficult to get the ideas properly and write. On top of that, things become more complicated if the given topic is not clear to them. In this kind of a situation, hiring a writer make this job easier. However, finding an authentic company according to your need requires a lot of researchers. You need to make sure that the essays are devoid of plagiarism. This is a highly competitive era of the academic world where perfection is a must. So, for a learner, it becomes difficult to prepare a writing as a professional person. In case of an emergency, you can take help from such companies that provide experienced and trained professional writers to get a high-quality writing.